Issue 25 / 26


June 2000. Editors: Shubha Chaudhuri and Purushothama Bilimale

This issue is dedicated to the memory of Professor K.Haridasa Bhat who passed away on the 20th August 2000. Professor Bhat established the Yakshagana Kendra at the MGM College at Udupi, and went on to found the Regional Resources Centre for Folk Performing Arts. He was deeply devoted to the cause of both Kannada and Tulu literature and the arts. A close associate of Dr Shivarama Karanth, it was Professor Bhat's organizational ability and vision that was greatly responsible for the recognition accorded to Yakshagana.

Professor Bhat was the first Chief Coordinator of the Archives Resource Community (ARC), a network of archives that brought together institutions like ours (ARCE-AIIS) and the Seagull Foundation for the Arts. This issue on Yakshagana is a product of the bonds that have been formed by this network. It thus seems appropriate to dedicate this issue to Professor K. Haridasa Bhat not only for the pioneering role he played in the propagation and documentation of Yakshagana but to remember him for his role in ARC. We spoke to Professor Bhat a few days before his death requesting an article for this issue. Though he was not in good health he faxed us the article that appears here. It was a shock to all of us to learn of his sudden demise.

He will be remembered by all of us who had the good fortune to know him and work with him for his gentle warmth and hospitality, his sense of duty and organization, and above all his humour and humility.
Shubha Chaudhuri and Purushothama Bilimale

The Enchantment of Yakshagana
Martha Bush Ashton and Bruce Christie
Regional Variants of Yakshagana
Amrith Someshwar
Talamaddale: Text, Context and Performance
M.Prabhakara Joshi
Tradition and Change: How The Table Entered The Yakshagana Stage
K.M.Raghava Nambiar
Tulu Yakshagana: Politics and Identity
Guru Rao Bapat
Makeup In Yakshagana - A Photo Feature
Transmission of Yakshagana Through The Generations
K.S.Haridasa Bhat
The Changing Profile of Music in Yakshagana
Purushothama Bilimale
From The Archives
From a Prasanga Text: Pancavati
Shubha Chaudhuri and Purushothama Bilimale

Yakshagana: Medium, Idiom, Media
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