Issue 38


2003. Theatre and Education. Editor: Anjum Katyal. Guest Editor: Vikram Iyengar

More often than not, the universal panacea suggested/offered for any of the ailments which stem from a deep (though sometimes dormant) distrust (at best) to blinding animosity (at worst) takes some form of 'awareness campaigns', a nebulous idea which could, in practice, range from a political leader making placatory speeches at places of worship, to a march of some sort, to the some what quieter alternatives of niche publishing, dissemination of material or working in and with communities. All these have their validity, but is it not time that we examined what it is in us (or rather, what it is that we lack in ourselves) that allows these  situations to develop? Could we, perhaps, trace it back to the absence of any true system of holistic education that is essentially humanizing, that makes both teaching and learning 'a physical, emotional and sensuous experience'? Could we also suggest that this has its source in a certain unwillingness in the powers that be (whether educationists, education boards, school authorities, teachers, parents or indeed, students themselves) to tackle delicate and problematic issues in a proactive and creative way, or even to keep these issues in mind in the course of teaching related or even overtly unrelated topics?
Vikram Iyengar

A Very Magical Space
An Interview with Barry John

The Excitement of Discovery
AN interview with John Mason

Child’s Play: A Playscript
Abhijit Sircar

A Space of Togetherness
An Interview with Moloyashree Hashmi

A Self-learning Process
An interview with Ashish Ghosh

Education for Life
An interview with Chandra Jain

Not Just a Structured Art Form
An interview with Ambika Kameshwar

The Word Special is Central Here
Vikram Iyengar on Priti Patel and The Action Players

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