Issue 1


January 1994. Editor: Anjum Katyal

Contemporary Indian theatre appears to be alive and well, both in theory and practice. We have intense theatre activity in different regions of the country. And yet there is little interaction between these pockets of activity. There is much valuable and interesting material – no matter how varied or uneven-generated in the course of theatre work. Much of it is crying out for documentation.

A lot of significant work in Indian theatre has already been lost due to the lack of an infrastructure which makes this possible, resulting in the cessation of further creativity in some directions. What is needed is a periodical that provides access to significant happenings in theatre in India, allows information, ideas and experiences to travel freely within theatre circles, and provides interested theatre workers and audiences with insights into what they watch and find in theatre,combining serious reportage, theoretical analysis and responsible, informed criticism with communication and information dissemination.

Seagull has been involved with contemporary theatre in India in one way or another for over two decades. We recognize the need to provide a forum for material which is immediate, dynamic, flexible and exploratory, which focusses on trends and not just performances, which points the way to new directions, as well as spreads news and information about what is currently happening. In short, for a quarterly like STQ.
The Metamorphoses of Rudali
Anjum Katyal

Rudali: Questions of language and audience

Rudali: The Making of a Production

In Tribute 
The Theatre poems of UTPAL DUTT

'To Set Time Stirring . . . I Had To Exaggerate And Distort
Khaled Chowdhury

Samik Bandyopadhyay

Kamlabai Revisited
Rimli Bhattacharya

A Manipuri Trojan Women
Julia Hollander

Theatre Log
Marathi Theatre: Taking Stock
Shanta Gokhale

Koothu-p-pattarai and Rang Vidushak's Workshop
Vidhu Singh

Twenty five Years of Alternative Theatre
Ipsita Chanda


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