Issue 14 / 15


June – September 1997. Editor: Anjum Katyal

Manipur today is struggling. With itself, and with the Indian polity. The relationship with the dominant state, India, is wounded, suspicious. How should a conscious, self-critical, thinking theatre person react to it? ('Experimental Theatre in Manipur') This question runs like a swollen vein through all theatre activity in Manipur today. And Manipur is intensely theatre active. It was impossible to cover the entire spectrum in this special issue;inevitably, certain personalities, aspects and features await their due attention.

The central focus of this issue is the experimental theatre that, in the early 70s emerged as a strong presence, emphasizing the exploration of traditional forms, reshaping techniques, themes and training methodologies, often incorporating thang-ta (the martial arts form of Manipur), and folk and classical dance.

Experimental Theatre in Manipur: At a critical juncture 
Lokendra Arambam

A Critic's Eye View 
An Interview with E. Nilakanta Singh

An Artist's Response To Contemporary Reality: A case of two directors 
Soyam Lokendrajit

Working for Change 
Lokendra Arambam

Macbeth - Stage of Blood: A Viewer's Response 
Sarah Addezio

'Theatre is only a link between Heritage and Community' 
H. Kanhailal

'My acting is almost entirely my life' 
Sabitri Devi

'The audience is inside me' 
Ratan Thiyam

The New Karnas of Manipur 
Samik Bandyopadhyay

Theatre Education in Manipur 
Harokcham 'Sanakhya' Ebotombi

Targeting the mind, not the emotions
Nongthombam Premchand

'I am only the catalyst' 
Loitongbam Dorendra

'Still searching'-
A Panel Discussion with the Directors of the Nineties

'The actresses speak: A group discussion

Sumang Leela(The courtyard play): An Introduction 
Arambam Somorendra

Thok Leela: Satire, Wit and Comedy 
Y. Sadananda Singh

'The real power of Sumang Leela lies in its audience' 
Birjit Ngangomba

Writing for Sumang Leela 
Nandakumar Moirangthem

Playing Sumang Leela : The actor speaks


Manipur Playwrights: An Overview
Arambam Somorendra

G.C. Tongbra: A Tribute 
Dr N. Tombi Singh

Treading The Boards: 
Actresses of the Proscenium Stage

A Directory Of Theatre Groups In Manipur

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