Issue 16


December 1997. Editor: Anjum Katyal

And there, poised on the ridge, between the dark loamy ferment of creative growth and the hard sun of material reality, is Pralayan's voice saying, 'The process is very we make a play...' and 'without the commitment, without politics oriented toward the people, you can't stay in street theatre'. And Sudhanva Deshpande passionately insisting on poetry in theatre of the Left; and Mala Hashmi explaining how drama has to be created and crafted, even on the streets, even when the message, the political communication, is primary. This tumultuous space of questioning, of precarious balance between creative fulfilment and political purpose, between inward and outward, is the space criss-crossed in this issue. By those who walk the tightrope. Over and over again.

'One doesn't resound without the other.'

The 'Inexhaustible Work of Criticism in Action': Street Theatre of the Left 
Sudhanva Deshpande

Woman (Aurat): an Extract 
Jana Natya Manch

Samik Bandyopadhyay

Street Theatre in Bengal: A Glimpse 
Bulbuli Biswas and Paramita Banerjee

Nurul doesn't Die (Nurul Marey Na) 
A Playscript 
Shyamaltanu Dasgupta

'Street Theatre is Here and Now' 
A Panel Discussion

'Drama has to be Created and Crafted, Even on the Streets' 
Mala Hashmi

'Why do we Choose to do Street Theatre? The Answer is always Political, It has to be'

Theatre Log
Street Theatre Groups: Brief Profiles

National Open-Air Theatre Festival in Calcutta

Sombhu Mitra Memorial Lecture
Paramita Banerjee

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