Seagull Arts and Media Resource Centre


The Seagull Arts and Media Resource Centre [2001 – 2011] was a platform devoted to furthering the Arts in all their various forms. To this end it functioned as a reference library, an archive, an institution for the dissemination of various forms of arts, a performance space/exhibition centre, as well as providing a meeting point for debates/discussions on the Arts and their surrounding culture and politics, to take place.

Objectives of the Centre were threefold:

  • to provide resources towards education, research, training and appreciation in the field of the arts and creative communication;

  • to demonstrate that the arts and media have a vital social responsibility, especially in the areas of tolerance, social development, humanitarian and human rights concerns, social justice, and integration; and in practicing and upholding the pluralist approach

  • to network, share, and help strengthen similar initiatives across the country and abroad

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