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PeaceWorks. Yes. Certainly more than, say, war, conflict, violence, destruction. Think about it. See the world around you. On your TV and your laptop and your mobile. The more the news hits you, the more numb and disinterested you get. After all, you say, how much can you take? At Seagull, we decided to do something about it. We chose the arts as our ‘tool’ of communication. The core idea being: hey, we need to live with difference and allow it the same space to breathe that we, us, ourselves demand.

That’s it.

PeaceWorks uses films, people, information, performances, workshops, debates, books, music, dance—everything that constitutes the ‘literature within’ and paves the way for a certain way of being with oneself and with others—to

• Address attitudes that lead to strife, intolerance, conflict, war

• Instill values that accept, understand and respect difference

• Open up a space in which a variety of perspectives may be freely expressed and accepted

• Lay the foundation for today’s youth to make informed choices


PeaceWorks inspires the young to react, to think about and then act upon the lessons learnt from the arts, from history and from each other.