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Choice – A Social Entrepreneurship Programme (2008 – 2009)


At Seagull we want to affect change. Not the kind that is cosmetic. Or superficial. Change from within. Change that is participatory; slow, imperceptible, often demanding extraordinary patience; change that is based on the belief that positive action makes a difference and therefore must be nurtured.

We asked ourselves 

—What is it that we are able to offer young persons that want to make a difference?

—Are we, for example, able to offer an ‘alternative’ career to those that seek one? Those that do not want to be a part of the existing ‘curriculum’/ ‘agenda’?

—Are there enough ‘stimulating’ options for a young person to work in the sphere of what we call ‘social concern’?

—Even more importantly, how do we help them make an ‘informed choice’?
And when? At what point of time in their lives?

With Choice, we showed some of our young that there is an alternative. 

That there is time. 

To pause.

Take breath

    Take a knapsack. Camp out. 


Even smell what a life away from Organized Corporate Futures Inc. could be like.

And what is more important, it may not be at loggerheads with ‘conventional choices’.

Choice facilitated a ‘placement’ within an organization working in the field of social concern, thereby providing ‘hands-on’ experience as it were, with the idea of ‘exploring’ — with the idea of opening up possibilities of a longer career-linked option for the ‘right’ person.Tailor-made to suit individual needs, even wishes. 

Making room for chance and happenstance.

After all it was about nurturing leadership qualities.