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Since 1987, the Seagull Foundation for the Arts  has been actively supporting and nurturing the arts in India—especially the fine arts, theatre and cinema—out of a deep conviction and commitment to the belief that the arts are everyone’s responsibility. These have been years of promoting collaborative and experimental activity across and within disciplines, functioning as a production unit, providing support systems, networking, exhibiting, sponsoring, designing, printing and publishing, and making available documentation and critical commentary across the arts. The Seagull Foundation for the Arts has been supported by the Ford Foundation from 1987 to 2009.

The Foundation’s current projects include:

The Seagull Gallery – a flexible programming area which works as gallery space for exhibitions, a screening room, and a space for lec-dems, workshops, discussions, interactive sessions and intimate performances.

The Seagull School of Publishing – The only one of its kind publishing academy in India—a natural culmination of thirty years of Seagull experience in publishing. An initiative of the Seagull Foundation for the Arts, Calcutta. In association with Seagull Books. Supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy, New Delhi.

PeaceWorks – An initiative of The Seagull Foundation for the Arts—aims to strengthen values of mutual coexistence and respect for all communities. A programme which grounds itself in the arts and culture, PeaceWorks works within the area of civil society and education.

History for Peace – A network of educators and members of civil society in the subcontinent, the History for Peace project serves as a platform for discussion, debate and the exchange of ideas pertaining to teaching and learning of history for peace and understanding. The website also acts as a repository of resources—academic papers, talks, podcasts and teaching aids.History for Peace conducts an annual conference as well as shorter talks and workshops through the year.

The Seagull Foundation for the Arts. A registered non-profit established in 1987.