Archives for the Future
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Section I: Workshops and Recommendations

Archives and the Future

Technology for the Future
Dietrich Schuller

Rights, Intellectual Property and Archives Today

Section II: Archives in Industrializong Countries at
the Dawn of the Millennium - Papers and Proposals

Audiovisual Archives in Ghana
Maxwell Agyei Addo

The Music Archives at the CIDMUC and their Influence on the Musical Culture of Cuba
Olavo Alen Rodriguez

How do you turn an House into an Archive? Air Conditioning and Tape Storage in a Hot and Humid Environment
Shubha Chaudhuri

A Call for an International Archival Network (IAN)
Ali Ibrahim al-Daw

Listening to the Andes
Victor Alexander Huerta-Mercado Tenorio

Challenges to a Small Ethnographic Archive
Grace Koch

The Sound Archive at the District Six Museum: A work in Progress
Valmont Layne

Reclaiming the Past:
The Value of Recordings to a National Cultural Heritage

Don Niles

The Challenge of Developing a Cultural Audiovisual Archive in Indonesia
Endo Suanda

University of Philippines Centre of Ethnomusicology
Marialita Tamanio-Yraola

Archives of Collected Materials of Folk and Traditional Music:
The Case of Vietnam

To Ngoc Thanh

Documenting Nepalese Musical Traditions
Gert-Matthias Wegner

Archiving Chinese Music Materials at the
Chinese University of Hong Kong

J. Lawrence Witzleben with Tsui Ying-Fai

Final Workshop Documents

The First Debate: Archivists Versus Administrators

Debate Between Performers, Researchers and Archivists