I am surrounded on the sum of all sides by the lives I have half-lived in a simultaneous multiplicity of being both restless in the nicest possible meaning of the word and full of the curiosity that stems from a combination of a tactility of the mind that at any given moment craves literary gratification in quite the manner of a lover of gourmet slow-food afternoons during which he may eat ever so delicious and oh so long and slow meals with the requisite wines and beverages and desserts to begin accompany and follow the five courses that must have been cooked over fires stolen from the caves many billions of years ago and carefully hidden over generations and secretly handed down from father to son whenever possible and if I am not mistaken often through daughters and mothers otherwise how could such purity of taste be possible and the desire to do every possible thing under the sun without always planning or looking five years ahead as was the case with most young people at the time of my youth now three score years into the past that is as real as the best made-up tale of interest and yes intrigue after all it has been a rather full and varied life based almost entirely on doing what was essential for one’s mental well-being in the first and perhaps and I feel no shame in saying this also in the last instance and I never tire of repeating that the work one started to do and continued to seek was an impulsive celebration throughout one’s life and continues therefore to nurture similar spirits down this path which is not to say that it was or is for it still continues in quite the same way as it did some forty two years ago when one began to earn a living from the arts ever easy or simple and yet the accompanying stresses were always worth their weight in heartaches because of the sheer joy of the doing the creating the observing and the nurturing in an environment that frowned upon their young if they chose this so called wayward path in their pursuit of a livelihood which in the opinion of the elders of that generation first in the late fifties followed by the wonderful sixties into our growing into adulthood in the seventies was all that mattered and so to be the upstart namely yours truly who may have begun as a great favourite soon ended up being labeled eccentric for my desire to work full-time as we used to say in those days in our brand of the language and this was of course unacceptable as it was poohphooed which is another word that the English need to have adopted and not just dismissed as too Anglo Indian and therefore not worthy of their attention because one had to have a proper job as befitted one’s stature on life and the education one had received and last but not least one’s upbringing so let us just say it wasn’t ever going to be easy and yet this is what one did and today when it is no longer a particularly unique thing to make a living in this manner the attendant goodwill and sense of respect that one receives from the world at large is quietly satisfying and makes one feel a sense of worthiness at having stuck to the task of accepting life as it came at one on a day to day basis and not to be concerned about what is fashionably titled The Marketplace for having decided again quite instinctively that the market too has a responsibility to find what it seeks and that only the other way around which is to say that we chase the market relentlessly and the elusive market refuses to bend even a little in acknowledgement is not the only way and we have succeeded in proving this but yes it takes over thirty years sometimes to arrive at alternative truths but think what joy and pleasure at thumbing one’s nose at the establishment and it’s structured way of thinking.

—Naveen Kishore, Founder, Managing Trustee

The Seagull Foundation for the Arts. A registered non-profit established in 1987.