A very Happy New Year from all at Seagull

The History for Peace Newsletter – 2021 a recap

We hope 2021 has treated you and yours kindly.

For us at History for Peace, while life and work have been disrupted in significant ways—often unpredictable, and many exciting plans for physical workshops and teachers’ conferences necessarily suspended or indefinitely postponed, this year has been one of immense learning. Initial frequent exasperation at technological limitations has now largely made way for appreciation for the connections the digital space has enabled us to build over this year—workshops with teachers from across the country working together in groups to build lesson plans on marginalized narratives; talks by wonderful speakers from across borders; workshops designed to encourage critical thinking bringing together students from Ladakh, Chandigarh and Bengal—the list is considerable. Yet, as 2021 closes, we do hope this coming year allows us to host our annual conference and to interact with you in person at our workshops once again. 

We have much cooking in the first quarter of 2022, including the launch of an exclusive critical thinking course for in-service teachers as well as those undergoing teacher-training, and fresh classroom resources on subjects ranging from the political works of the artist Chittaprosad to lesser known aspects of the 1857 Uprising, among others.

In this newsletter, we bring you a retrospective of the year gone by at History for Peace. But first, we would like to share with you news of our latest resources!


Naveen Kishore Receives the 2021 Ottaway Award

‘Translation not only. But also. As an activity that decodes image text memory. Causing something almost “erstwhile”—what may have been, what used to be, what no longer is—to come into being.’

The Ottaway Award, presented by the renowned online magazine Words without Borders, recognizes individuals who have taken extraordinary steps to promote and publish international literature in English translation. Past awardees include Sara Bershtel, Barbara Epler, Edith Grossman, the late Carol Brown Janeway, Chad Post, Jill Schoolman, and Drenka Willen.

Jeff Deutsch, director of Seminary Co-op Bookstores in Chicago, presented the award to Kishore at the private hybrid ceremony.

Jeff Deutsch’s Laudatory Speech

It is a tremendous privilege to be here with all of you wonderful devotees of the word and it is a profound honour to lead the celebration of Naveen Kishore, founder and publisher of Seagull Books. I must confess to some reverence in approaching this task, but I must also state what an absolute delight it has been to once again immerse myself in Naveeniana, as I attempt to briefly summarize the accomplishments of one of the most expansive people I know.

Watch Naveen Kishore’s Acceptance Speech

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Notes from a Journal I could have kept. [But failed to. Keep]

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