July to December 2009

Open House – Layers 25 July, 2009
An exhibition of photographs by Shaswaty Nair

Beckett on Film
25 July – 1 August 2009

25 July, Saturday
Waiting for Godot (120 mins)

26 July, Sunday
Act without Words I (16 mins)
Act without Words II (11 mins)
Not I (14 mins)
Ohio Impromptu (12 mins)

27 July, Monday
Happy Days (79 mins)

28 July, Tuesday
Rough for Theatre I (20 mins)
Rough for Theatre II (30 mins)
Catastrophe (7 mins)
Breath (45 seconds)
29 July, Wednesday
Krapp’s Last Tape (58 mins)

30 July, Thursday
Footfalls (28 mins)
Rockaby (14 mins)
What Where (12 mins)
Come and Go (8 mins)

31 July, Friday
Endgame (84 mins)

1 August, Saturday
That Time (20mins)
A Piece of Monologue (20mins)
Play (16mins)

Open Mike – 8 August, 2009
An Evening of Poetry

Crimson & Azure – 22 August, 2009
Two short films on Love and Sexuality by Rohit Dasgupta

Graphic/Comics Scripting Workshop 1: The Basics
Rimi B. Chatterjee and Avijit Chatterjee

Graphic/Comics Scripting Workshop 2: The Masterclass
Rimi B. Chatterjee and Avijit Chatterjee

One Cup Music – 5 September, 2009
A unique blend of Carnatic classical ‘krithis’, South Indian folk, North Indian percussion rhythms and Western Guitar chord progressions.
Gouriprasad Nanda—percussions, Srikanth Sugavanam—violin and Baijayanta Roy—guitar.

Face Up
An exhibition of photographs by
Anna Fox and Sunil Gupta
October 10 – 22, 2009

What the Buddha Thought
Richard Gombrich
Book launch on October 23, 2009 at the Seagull Bookstore

Lakoa Wingflow – 24 October, 2009
photographs by Devika Arora

Food Film Fiesta
26 October to 1 November, 2009

31 October, 2009
Old Calcutta Culinary Specialities – A spread curated by Nondon Bagchi, from the forgotten art of the mughlai parathas to deemer devil to mishti doi. Join Nondon for a meal as he takes you on a journey tracing the influence of the Raj on traditional Bengali cuisine.
The Film
Saturday/31 October 2009
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie
Luis Bunuel/1972/French with English subtitles/102 minutes
A party of would-be diners are constantly frustrated in their search for food. The rituals of food and drink, for Bunuel, conveniently signifies the whole structure of ‘civilization’, by which mankind seeks to create meaning and impose order on the absurdity of life.

1 November, 2009
Kerala Cuisine- Geographically far apart, Bengal and Kerala have many affinities. Explore them and the cross cultural influences on Kerala’s mouth watering delicacies. Engage with Nondon. Savour gastronomical delights. Pamper your taste buds.
The Film
Sunday/1November 2009
Pedro Almodovar/2006/Spanish with English subtitles/121 minutes
Penelope Cruz plays Raimunda, a resilient young mother with no luck but enough culinary talent to turn adversity into accomplishment.

Other films
Monday/26 October 2009
Eat Drink Man Woman
Ang Lee/1994/Taiwanese with English subtitles/123 minutes

Tuesday/27 October 2009
The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and her Lover
Peter Greenaway/1990/English/124 minutes

Wednesday/28 October 2009
What’s Cooking?
Gurinder Chaddha/2000/English/109 minutes

Thursday/29 October 2009
Dim Sum: A Little Bit of Heart
Wayne Wang/1985/English/88 minutes

Friday/30 October 2009/
In Search of Famine
Mrinal Sen/1980/Bengali with English subtitles/115 minutes

Indian Cinema in the Time of Celluloid
From Bollywood to the Emergency

Ashish Rajadhyaksha

Book launch on October 28, 2009 at the Seagull Bookstore

an exhibition of photographs by Saibal Das

November 14 – 24, 2009

A String of Suppressed Films
21 November 2009
Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom
Pier Paolo Pasolini/1975/Italian with English subtitles/116 minutes

22 November 2009
A Clockwork Orange
Stanley Kubrik/1972/English/136 minutes

23 November 2009
The Last Temptation of Christ
Martin Scorsese/1988/English/164 minutes

24 November 2009
The Holy Mountain
Alejandro Jodorowsky/1973/English/110 minutes

25 November 2009
Baise Moi
Virginie Despentes & Coralie/2000/French with English subtitles/77 minutes

26 November 2009
9 Songs
Michael Winterbottom/2005/English/67 minutes

27 November 2009
Last Tango in Paris
Bernardo Bertolucci/1973/French and English/129 minutes

No Strings Attached – 12 December, 2009
Diptanshu Roy—Mandolin, Vinayak Das Gupta—Guitar

Pan-India : A Shared Habitat
photographs by Prashant Pan
December 19 – 29, 2009



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