January to June 2006

January ’06

Whatever happened to India’s Foreign Policy- Lecture at Jadavpur University

Democracy or Dictatorship of Capital- Lecture at St. Xavier’s College

In Conversation – Tariq Ali and Sitaram Yechury at G.D. Birla Sabhagar.


IN CONVERSATION- Tariq Ali and Achin Vinayak at the Gandhi Peace Foundation

Democracy or Dictatorship of Capital? – Lecture at the Jawaharlal Nehru University.

Is a South Asian Union Possible? – TALK BY TARIQ ALI and moderated by Aijaz Ahmed at the U-special Bookshop Student Activity Centre

The Tariq Ali series of programmes was on the occasion of the release of his books Islam Quintet, Street-fighting years- an autobiography of the sixties and Bush in Babylon (Left Word) Published by Seagull Books.

Exhibition: OSTKREUZ– An exhibition of photographs by seven photographers in Berlin was presented in collaboration with Goethe Institut, Max Mueller Bhavan, Kolkata

Music Recital: THUMRI BAITHAK WITH VIDYA RAO was presented in association with the Department of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University, Calcutta

Exhibition: An exhibition of installation art, A DAILY RECORD by Gisele Amantea was presented. The work was inspired by notebooks of a Mrs. Emma Luciantonio. Gisele Amantea makes a private, seemingly insignificant life known in the public realm and inserts it into a History of Art.

Index on Censorship
Ursula Owen is the Chief Executive of Index on Censorship and Judith Vidal-Hall is its Editor. They delivered talks at Modern High School, La Martiniere for Girls, the English department of Jadavpur University, the Calcutta International school on literature and censorship. Ms. Owen and Ms Vidal Hall also conducted a two-day workshop on Free Expression for college students.

Anniversary of the Political Lie
PeaceWorks, responded to a worldwide call sent out by the Peter-Weiss Foundation for Art and Politics, based in Berlin, to commit 20 March (the third anniversary of the beginning of the war in Iraq) as an ‘anniversary of the political lie’. A reading of Eliot Weinberger’s ‘WHAT I HEARD ABOUT IRAQ’ (Translated into Bengali by Kasturi Basu) by Soumitra Chattopadhyay was held at the Max Mueller Bhavan Auditorium.


8 ½
I Vitelloni
Nights of Cabiria
City of Women
I am a Born Liar

Traveling Film South Asia 2006 was screened in collaboration with Himal Association at
Seagull Arts And Media Resource Centre

The City Beautiful (78 min)
Dirty Laundry (42 min)
Girl Song (29 min)

City of Photos (60 min)
The Great Indian School Show (53 min)
A Certain Liberation (38 min)

Continuous Journey (87 min)
Teardrops of Karnaphuli (60 min)
The Legend of Fat Mama (23 min)

Final Solution (149 min)
Sunset Bollywood (54 min)
Team Nepal (37 min)

The Life and Times of a Lady from Avadh: Hima (135 min)
Lanka: The Other Side of War and Peace (75 min)
Good News (17 min)

Reading Film: film appreciation for young people
After the overwhelming response in the last few years, we presented this course for the third time. Reading Film introduces and discusses film as a text using film screenings, illustrated lectures by different faculty members.

CHE LIVES a film festival on Ernesto Che Guevare at Seagull Arts and Media Resource Centre from 6 pm.
The films included:
I am Cuba Soy Cuba/Ya Kuba (1964)
141 min, B/W, Russian
Directed by Mikheil Kalatozishvili

El Che (1997)
83 min, Colour, Spanish
Directed by Aníbal Di Salvo and Maurice Dugowson

Tracing Che (2002)
Directed by Lawrence Elman,
83 min, Colour, UK/Canada

Motorcycle Diaries Diarios de motocicleta (2004)
128 min, Colour, Spanish


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