Event Bank 2001

May '01

The Edges of the World - IDENTIKIT PICTURES.
Exhibition of photographs by Alain Willaume with his documentary film 'Chronicles of Outer Europe: Far West' 1991, 7 mins. (loop) col.

Inauguration of exhibition and center in assoc.- Alliance Francaise + Embassy of France

Documentary Films on Photography    'Contacts: Edouard Boubat' by Roger Ikhlef, 1993, 15 mins. b/w. 'Descendance' by Anne Testut, 10 mins. b/w. With Alliance Francaise

Documentary Films on Photography    'Bonjour Monsieur Doisneau' by Sabine Azema, 1992, 53 mins. col. With Alliance Francaise

Lalan Fakir-er Gan - Kartik Das Baul and his co-performers present a programme on Lalan Shah, followed by a talk by Dr. Sudhir Chakravarti

Documentary Films on Photography    'Henri Cartier-Bresson' by Sarah Moon, 1994, 38 mins. col. With Alliance Francaise

Documentary Films on Photography    'Strasbourg - Est' by Alain Willaume, 60 mins. b/w. With Alliance Francaise

Celebrating Bengali Group Theatre
Release of special issue of STQ issue

Sibaji Bandyopadhyay reads excerpts from his play 'Uttampurush Ekbachan'

Krzystof Kieslowski Retrospective
Screening of Dekalogues : 10 television drama films, based on the Ten Commandments. Screening of Ten Commandments (BBC documentary) on the 11th at 4.30

On Translating––Problems and Perspectives
A translators colloquium with Mahasweta Devi and the translators of her works. Participants: Gayatri Chakravarty Spivak, Amiya Deb, Ipsita Chanda, Rimi Bhattacharya, etc

Creative Video workshop - Workshop for children on exploring video as a creative medium by Biren Das Sharma (for 15 school-goers: class 9-10)

Chalachitta Chanchari
An Intimate Theatre Presentation by Chetana theatre group, directed by Arun Mukhopadhyay


Release of English Translation of Komal Swaminathan's Water! By S. Shankar
Talk and Film excerpts from the award winning Tamil film Thaneer, Thaneer

The Role of Body in Performance
Theatre workshop conducted by H. Kanhailal and Sabitri Heisnam

WATER Films: With Alliance Francaise de Calcutta
Floating Bodies: 13 mins, Spring: 19 mins, Ice Breaker: 20 mins.

Bombay: 42 mins, The Climate Refugees: 52 mins.

Water / Ganga: 3 x 50 mins.

Der Butt : An Exhibition of Prints/Sketches By Günter Grass

With Max Mueller Bhavan, Calcutta

The Tin Drummer as Bird Readings from GŁnter Grass's poetry by Aloke
Ranjan Dasgupta,Samik Bandopadhyay, SV. Raman, Subharanjan Dasgupta,
Tobias Gorte-Beverborg

Bangla Gaaner Adhunikatar Shandhane lectures by Dr. Sudhir Chakravarti
accompanied by live performances.
session I Bangla Gaaner Oitijhya o Rabindranath

session 2 Rabindra Shamakaleen Bangla Gaan. Dijendralal, Rajanikanta,
Atulprasad, Dilipkumar Ray

Kabhi Door Kabhi Paas : Telefilms By Mrinal Sen
Dus Saal Baad; Aparajit ; Shaal
Jeet Parts 1 & 2; Aaina; Aajkal
Ajnabee; Swayamvar

Bangla Gaaner Ahunikatar Shandhane
session 3 Nazruler Gaan o Ganamadhyamer Nabadhara. Record - radio - film.

Fishers of Dar, Seed and Earth
Films by Akor Oster, Lina Fruzzetti

Pleasing God Series : Loving Krishna, Serpent Mother, Sons of Shiva
Films by Akos Oster

Lire En Fete: French films on literature with Alliance Francaise de Calcutta
3 Great Names from the Beginning of the Century : Proust, Camus, Breton

Ethnographic Video – A Workshop
The Archives Resource Community Video Workshop

Wayward Girls And Wicked Women - a selection of animation films by women

Screening at Max Mueller Bhavan, Calcutta

Wood, Metal, Paper - The art of printing in Calcutta -an exhibition. Curated by Ujjal Chakraborty. Five evenings with Patrice Riemens
Discussions on the ethics and philosophies of communication and the Internet
Organised with banglalive.com, Fr. Gaston Roberge, St Xaviers

Japanese Writers Seminar
Japanese writers in conversation with Dhirendranath Baske and other adivaasi writers.
With Japan Foundation

Japanese Writers Seminar
Japanese writers in conversation with Mahesh Dattani, Nabaneeta Dev Sen, Mandakranta Sen and others. With Japan Foundation