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Thanks to the support, enthusiasm and encouragement of friends, colleagues and well-wishers, 2014 has been a wonderful year at Seagull Books and The Seagull Foundation for the Arts. We see off this year with a selection of poems, quiet yet buoyant with hope for the coming year, and wish you all the very best for this festive season.

At the edge of twilight.
A yellow leaf with red veins lay bleeding.

The first winter snow.

In the woods.
Kneedeep in snow.
I seek the warmth of the buried sun.

A world gone white.

A light in the distance.
Steady. Unwavering flame.
Its footsteps in tune.
With the whispering snow.

I reached for my old lamp. Frosted over.
Cracked with the cold. Wiped it clean.
Striking a match. I coaxed the light out of it.

Then I hung it on the door.

Just in case you needed to find your way home.


The winter mist.
Having travelled many miles.
Crept in. From beneath the door.
Rose upright. Shook itself dry.
Strode boldly into the room.
Rubbing its palms by the fireside.

I continued to read. And sip. Cognac.
In companionable silence.

Naveen Kishore, publisher, Seagull Books.


For the past twenty seven years The Seagull Foundation for the Arts has been actively supporting, nurturing and disseminating creative and critical activity in the field of the arts in India, especially fine arts, theatre and cinema, out of a deep conviction and commitment to the belief that the arts are everybody’s responsibility and a social commitment.

Seagull School of Publishing

The Seagull School of Publishing offers a professional course—in Editing and in Book Design—run entirely by practicing publishers, editors and designers who are passionate about the craft of publishing.

Seagull ART

Seagull curates and presents art exhibitions—major retrospectives by senior artists as well as the so-called 'non-saleable' aspect or area of an artist's work, which commercial galleries are reluctant to exhibit. Intervening qualitatively and making a positive difference to the aesthetics of the exhibition, the entire undertaking is a partnership between the artist and the organization.

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An initiative that aims to strengthen values of mutual coexistence and respect for all communities. Conceived as a programme which grounds itself in the arts and culture, PeaceWorks works within the area of civil society and education.

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Seagull Books (estd 1982) has been crafting books with an eye to both exceptional content and radical design. What began as an instinctive and highly risky business of publishing books—books on theatre, visual arts, alternative cinema, philosophy, culture—continues to be a passionately felt need of the hour: manuscripts that need to see the light of day, to reach a readership, to stimulate minds, to change outlooks.


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