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Seagull Books London
New Indian Playwrights
A series of significant post-independence regional playwriting in reliable English translations, the New Indian Playwrights series attempts to enhance important play scripts with additional material to provide the interested student, scholar, theatre person and reader with a more complete access to the script. Interviews with or essays by the playwright, essays detailing the historical background and context of the play, primary and secondary sources of relevance, photographs, and production details are some of the additional material included in volumes in this series.
Playwrights appearing for the first time with Seagull Books include Satish Alekar from Marathi, Chandrasekhar Kambar from Kannada, K. N. Panikkar from Malayalam and Ratan Thiyam from Manipur. Others already on our list include Badal Sircar, Vijya Tendulkar and Utpal Dutt.
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